3D Snowmen Pals

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These cute 3D snowmen pals are a great gift to share with friends.

Made from two different items they’re quick to setup, & fun to explore & build.  
To make each snowman we used two different sized Styrofoam balls, a small one for the head & a larger one for the body. We used a ballpoint pen to make a hole on either side of the larger one so we could attach the arms. 
.For our arms we cut pipe cleaners into quarters & pushed into the holes, adding a larger ball (body) between each section. We bent them slightly to give the appearance of two arms joined together.

To make our snowman heads we simply pushed a small section of pipe cleaner into the top of each larger ball & then pushed the small balls on top until secure.

They should look something like this when finished

I thought they looked cute as they were but Minnie felt they needed scarves!  So we wrapped a few colourful pipe cleaners between the head & body to give our snow pals some warm accessories!  

We drew on some features & these snowmen pals were good to go!

We also discovered they could be arranged into different ways, so they could be lined up, hung up, or joined together to create a circle as in the pic below. We added a battery tealight to one set of snowmen to make a gift for Minnie’s teacher.   

This is such a simple activity to setup with just a few items, & offers children an opportunity to design & construct a 3D model. Of course the snowmen needn’t all look like ours, or link arms, they could stand on their own, or even balance on top of one another, with a little help from a few mini pipe cleaners pushed in here & there you could create anything.
Fun to explore & create, & a sweet gift to share with special friends.

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