Full Christmas Dinner for Baby

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Is it your little one’s first Christmas this year and are you wondering what you are going to feed them for their Christmas dinner? Well here is a full Christmas dinner, from starter to dessert, so that your baby can join in on all the Christmas festivities!

Check out my full Christmas dinner for your baby below!

Brussels Sprouts & Pea Purée

The Brussels sprout is a vegetable that children love to hate. However, if you introduce it early during the weaning stages your baby is more likely to accept the taste and texture of it! Packed full of antioxidants, this purée is the perfect baby food for your little one, and a great recipe to make for them at Christmas! Find the full recipe here.

Baby’s Christmas Dinner

This recipe is perfect for including your baby in the Christmas festivities! Simply wait until the turkey is carved and you can make this salt free dinner that can be easily adapted for a six month old to a toddler. Find the full recipe here.

Apple, Cinnamon & Prune Purée

I have made this in my Mummy Cooks Weaning class and it always go down a treat! It is suitable to introduce about two weeks after you have started weaning because the texture is just slightly more than a runny carrot purée. When your baby is a little older, you can serve this purée as a dessert with some natural yoghurt. Make this for your baby’s Christmas dessert! Find the full recipe here.


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