Apple Purée 3 Ways

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Apples are one of my favourite fruits to both eat and make into baby purées. I have found through the years that apples provide a really great base for baby food purées – they are sweet, they make a great smooth and creamy purée and they are also super nutritious.

Check out my top Apple purées perfect for your weaning baby below!

Apple & Cinnamon Purée

Apple and cinnamon is a match made in heaven! And cinnamon is a natural pain reliever, so this is the perfect recipe for teething babies! I’m pretty sure even you won’t be able to resist sneaking a few spoonfuls of this delicious homemade purée yourself! Find the full recipe here.

Apple & Blueberry Purée

A fantastic recipe to make in a matter of minutes! A delicious fresh fruit purée that’s packed full of nutrients. Find the full recipe here.


Apple, Spinach & Broccoli Purée

Combining spinach and broccoli with fruit, such as apples, creates a purée that not only tastes delicious but also provides your little one with all the benefits of this superfood. And you can whip up a big batch of this super food purée in no time at all! Find the full recipe here.


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