Jam Jar Peace Prayer Lantern – Praying for Ukraine

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If you’re looking for a creative way for children & families to pray for the current situation in the Ukraine, then this simple Prayer Lantern may be helpful. 

To make a Peace Prayer Lantern you’ll need a clean jam jar, PVA glue & squares of coloured tissue paper. You could use any colours, or maybe just yellow & blue to represent the colours of the Ukrainian flag.

Brush the PVA glue onto the jam jar & add your tissue paper squares to create a colourful design. 

If you wish, you could cut out the letters to create the word PEACE, as we did, & stick them onto your jar or you could leave your prayer lantern as it is.

You might like to share this simple prayer together as you light your lantern;

God of hope, 

We pray for our world, especially the people of Ukraine.

May those who feel scared, know your deep peace.

May those who feel alone, know your never-ending love.

May those who lead countries, know your wisdom.


This little lantern is ideal to light at mealtimes, & reminds all ages that the light shines in the darkness, no matter how bad situations may be.

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