Paper Cup Lanterns

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I love this time of year with all the colourful Autumn leaves, crisp chilly mornings & the natural treasures waiting to be discovered, but as the nights get darker & cooler we love getting all cosy & snuggly indoors. We recently made these Paper Cup Lanterns which are super simple for kids to make, & perfect for brightening up any dark Autumnal evening with their warm glow.

Once illuminated these lanterns also create beautiful patterns around nearby walls & objects as the light shines through the many holes. To create them we used recycled paper cups (standard size & small) & a single hole punch.

Using the hole punch we simply cut holes throughout the cup, you can be as random as you like with this or create a detailed design. It’s a great way to encourage some hand-eye coordination & fine motor skills too.
When we were happy with our hole-punched design we used pens to add some colour. We thought our lantern looked pretty good even before it was illuminated, brightening up a windowsill with its colourful pattern.

To illuminate our lantern we placed a battery-operated tealight inside the cup & watched as our design began to glow & light up the surrounding area.

Even the plain cups without drawings looked pretty as the light shone through our hole-punched design.

Such a neat way to upcycle an old paper cup & create a warm welcoming light in any room.

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